Monday, December 20, 2010

Vintage Sports Posters Part 4

Part 4 of the vintage poster series focuses on the Lederer, Street & Zeus Co., Inc 1941-1942 catalog. The 7 x 10-inch booklet has 12 pages with 33 different designs.

Several years have passed since both Don Spencer and Lon Keller have left the company and moved to New York. In my opinion there is a noticeable difference in these football designs when comparing them with the older LS & Z catalogs I posted.

Even though they are in grayscale, the page above is my favorite part of this catalog. Having seen a great number of the football, basketball and baseball pieces, it's nice to see other sports featured.

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  1. Hi! My mom recently passed away and in going through her things I have found 2 posters similar to these. One has Larry Tisdale signature on picture and on the inside is a Coca Cola ad with a lady holding a coke says 'Time Out for Coke'. It is from Frankfurt & Nurnberg High School games w/ Referee signals too. The other has Lon Keller signature, same inside coke ad but from Munich Military Post & Nurnberg Military Post and have to be from the early 1950's. Would you know how to find the value of these items or would you be interested in them? They were almost thrown away with a bunch of very old German books that have to be valuable. I also have two very old maps in excellent condition, one from Italy and the other from Germany. My name is Tracy, email, please email me if you know anything about these items or are interested in them to add to your collection.