Monday, October 17, 2011

1966 Birds Eye Ladies' Guide to Football

I recently got this interesting booklet on ebay. It's the 1966 Birds Eye Ladies' Guide to Football. It was written by Pat Kiely and produced by National Football League Properties. The booklet was free with the purchase of any two Birds Eye vegetables.

Pat Kiely was one of the first women to do broadcast television in Pittsburgh. She also wrote "Football - the family affair," which was published by Life Magazine. Kiely knew football well because she was the wife of Ed Kiely, who worked in the Pittsburgh Steelers' public relations department from 1950 to 1989.

To booklet has a 1960's Pop Art, almost School House Rock, look to it.

I really like the NFL uniforms on the following pages.

The important game day recipes

The game day attire has really changed over the years.

It's always interesting to see how certain NFL collectibles were issued back in the day.

Until seeing this logo on the back cover, I never realized the NFL had Selected Official Training Table Vegetables. 

Wonder what ever became of Mike Perkins?