Sunday, September 25, 2011

Vintage Hans Christian Andersen Die Cuts

I came across these great Hans Christian Andersen die cuts several years ago while shopping in a tiny vintage bookstore in Copenhagen, Denmark. I can only assume they were counter displays used to advertise his fairy tales. Other than the type on the front there is no other text on them. All of the backs are blank, but do have fold outs like easels. All of the titles are in Danish.

The Tinderbox 1835

The Swineherd 1841
The Sheepherdess and the Chimney Sweep 1845
Jack the Dullard 1855

During his lifetime (1805-1875), H.C. Andersen wrote almost 200 fairy tales. Even today, some 136 years after his death, he is still one of the most widely read authors.

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